Saturday, February 5, 2011

Think Pink!!! Feb. 14th

Think Pink!! Valentines Day !! , Coming home from Richmond, VA. today, I heard on the radio of a contest for couples, who can write in to this station their love story, I started thinking of my own, and what I would write if I entered the contest, and decided to write it on my blog.  Please I would love to hear from everyone who reads the blog to tell their own love story.
I met my husband 34 years ago, and valentines, really marks our first date.  We didn't get married till august of that year so this coming august will be 34 years of marriage. 
I was working in Norfolk at the De Paul Medical building, and I lived in a small apt. building near the wards corner area, the year was 1977, sadly this area has changed a lot over the years.

After being gone for the weekend I returned to my apt. building and found the neighbors were having a party and someone was parked in my space.  I parked behind the car and went into the party apt. and asked who ever was parked in my space needed to come move their car, I don't remember the tone of the request, but this really nice looking guy stood up and said,"sorry I will come move my car right now."  I don't remember if we even spoke while we walked down to the parking lot to move the cars or if we spoke walking back up stairs, I just remember I thought he was really nice, cute. That was the first part of Jan. He came around to visit his friends alot and would stop and say hello, we crossed paths at the Laundromat, and finally he asked me out for Valentines,That's another story, but I guess this is a love story, here we are thirty-4 years later...   

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