Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today, August 27, 2010 is my wedding anniversary!!!
Yea!  33 Years!!!
I remember this day very well, my husband I got into our first big "misunderstanding", a few hours before saying, I Do!
 (I realize now that it is not a good idea for the bride and groom to spend the day together!) 
All I could think of was what was I going to tell my parents, If I did not get married? 
Call the wedding off?? 
His parents, and family, would have done cartwheels to their cars, popped the champange!
Mine had gone to a lot of hard work and expense, so as I sat in my yellow Mgbgt (19681/2), (with the doors locked), I decided that I would just do it!? Go through with the ceremony...
File for a divorce after a respectable time limit?!
A friend of ours recently told my husband that her daughter got married on the "two year plan", they signed a contact, that if they don't like each other in two years they will go their separate ways, my husband replied, he must have signed the long term contract because his hasn't run out yet!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I think Face Book is an Addiction?

I am new to Face Book, I resisted for a long time, my younger daughter told me it's for the kids, and young adults, but finally I set up a face book account.
I can't believe all the people I have come in contact with, from the past years.  It has been alot of fun messaging people from High School, messaging people who were at one time very good friends and very important to me, but like all of us, we move on with life as we had Children, and moved to different locals.  Oh also, my daughter(22) finally friend'd me!
 My time is getting closer till my adventure to Hawaii!!  I am getting ready for Fall, even if I will be in a summer climate when it starts.  new designs for fall.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Have you noticed how the days are getting shorter?

This week I noticed how the days are getting shorter, The nights are a little cooler.  It's still summer but all of sudden fall is sneaking up on us.  After such a hot summer it is kinda of a welcome relief.  I got busy in my studio after missing two weeks of working on other projects, and decide to stick to a theme on the piece's  I am making this week.  I created necklaces that will cascade your neck line and go with all colors.  Some a little heavier for fall, Turquoise green, and blue, Hubie, oval, nugget, cut.  I am leaving for Hawaii the first week of Sept. and will be gone three weeks.  I will have to ship all my tools, and start having my stones shipped over there. I can't wait to shop for shells and pearls.  I am getting excited about all the fun Emily(my daughter who lives there)will have exploring all the shops on the Island!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


These are photos are from my husbands three week trip to Hawaii!!

I think I want to live there!