Saturday, March 6, 2010

Follow My Blog! Contest! & Beach Glass

This month of march The Lost Mermaid is having a follow my Blog contest, Please click on follow and win a necklace!

I am still working on making lots of Beach glass necklaces for up-coming shows are are some photos of the new pieces.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Follow my Blog CONTEST!!! & The Wedding Show

First for the month of March I am going to have a "follow my blog contest". If you click on follow and sign up to follow, your name will go into the hat for a drawing at the end of the month. The Prize is a necklace, handmade by me, The Lost Mermaid, I will post a picture of the necklace, at the end of the week!!!! beach glass? pearl?turquoise?
On Sunday we went to the weddings show at the Contemporary Art Center, here are some photos!
the Bridal Gowns hanging up and being worn by our Bride Whitney Snyders are from the Bridal Shop in Throughgood Commons, on Pleasure House Road. They are closing out this store(the economy)and all of the most beautiful gowns are 80% off!!!! I took some of my Jewelry, featured on the table. Notice the Martini Flower Arrangements on our table!! By Beverly "Pretty Things"

Our bride Whitney had her hair done by: Natural Elements Spa, they offer many services, and were nice enough to up do whitney's hair! I missed taking a photo of the wedding cake they cut but took photos of the smaller version. I didn't miss having a piece!!! Cake Delights
enjoy the photos and follow my blog!!!