Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunny Hawaii!!

Kailua Beach

This was one of this rain for five minutes, sun for five!


Hawaii 12-2011 048

It’s Sunny in Hawaii,

Well for next five minutes!

The trade winds are blowing, all the windows and doors are open,

Quiet…  except for the sounds of the wind in the palm trees.

Shell pearl necklace turquoise and jade pendent, $78.


Hawaii 12-2011 045

It rains for 5 minutes….

Then the sun comes out, rain, sun, rain, sun,

Beautiful  Rainbows!

Orange Turquoise beach glass, crystals, fresh water pears, $89. 

Hawaii 12-2011 029

It’s Raining In Hawaii!!

Rain Saturday!

Rain and lots of wind on Sunday!

70, 79, temps!

Christmas is almost here!

Turquoise and crystal quarts,beach glass necklace. $78.

Hawaii 12-2011 005