Thursday, August 12, 2010

Have you noticed how the days are getting shorter?

This week I noticed how the days are getting shorter, The nights are a little cooler.  It's still summer but all of sudden fall is sneaking up on us.  After such a hot summer it is kinda of a welcome relief.  I got busy in my studio after missing two weeks of working on other projects, and decide to stick to a theme on the piece's  I am making this week.  I created necklaces that will cascade your neck line and go with all colors.  Some a little heavier for fall, Turquoise green, and blue, Hubie, oval, nugget, cut.  I am leaving for Hawaii the first week of Sept. and will be gone three weeks.  I will have to ship all my tools, and start having my stones shipped over there. I can't wait to shop for shells and pearls.  I am getting excited about all the fun Emily(my daughter who lives there)will have exploring all the shops on the Island!

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