Sunday, June 13, 2010

***Summer Shows***

I had two shows this week, and it was really hot!  Fridays was indoors, Thank God,! but it was hot loading in and loading out!  My husband usually does this for me but he was off working on another project. (I need to remember to be nice when he is helping me)  Saturday was a fairly new venue for us, and it is always great meeting new people.  it was also very hot, and I didn't remember to be nice to husband when he was loading and unloading!
The photos I am posting are his design,With fathers Day coming up, I want to recognize what a great Dad and husband he is.(and I don't want him to stop helping me with the shows!).   We collaborate on ideas, He will sketch the original and then I paint.  a few he will paint, but for the most part, I do the painting.   Just like in life!  Happy Fathers Day Honey!

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  1. Your husband is very talented. I really like that bottom one!!