Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vintage Supplies & Chess Cake

If you live on the East Coast around Va. Beach, you know we had a rainy day.
My husband and I headed out for our show this morning(5:00am), but turned around about hour into our trip because of the rain.  On the way back home we stopped off at a few places looking for vintage things, I am not looking for anything in particular just looking for what I can find.  Above is my treasure of the day!
Look next week for the finished necklaces, that I will make from these vintage necklaces.  My husband is leaving for Hawaii next week, to visit with our daughter for three weeks, he is taking an empty suite case(all you need is a couple t-shirts, shorts, a bathing suite,under ware,flip flops, good to go)  so he can fill it up with vintage Hawaiian print shirts, which my daughter assures us is plentifully! (I am going in September, Yea!) 
Back to the Chess Cake, The receipe, and it is very easy, even if you don't cook, because your day job is being a lawyer or a doctor, or an artist.  This is a great receipe for summer, with family get togethers, but come fall any church or school function that asks you to cook something up for a bake sale your ready!
Chess Cake
you will need:  one box of yellow cake mix, Three eggs, one box of confecionary sugar, one box of cream cheese, sheet cake pan, the larger the pan the thinner the cake squares
heat oven to 350 degrees
melt stick of butter in your sheet cake pan in the oven
mix a box of yellow cake mix with one egg
sprinkle over melted butter evenly in your pan
mix in a bowl, cream cheese, two eggs
slowly add confecionary sugar, you can mix with a whisk, but it is faster to use your mixer, I don't have one anymore so I just use a fork,(wisk) works just as well.
Pour this mixture of cream cheese and eggs and sugar on top of the cake mix layer, spread evenly.  cook till light brownish yellow, it only takes 30 mins, I check it often,  allow to cool,cut into squares, enjoy, I am a pureish, so I don't add anything else but you can add chocolate.

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